About Us

Management Policy


About Us

Management Policy


Customer Satisfaction

Promoting our excellent products worldwide and developing innovative products to satisfy the high quality standards of our global customers to ensure prosperous future of our company.


Quality and Cost Competitiveness

With the spirit that the quality of products is essential, we must strive to achieve the best quality and defect-zero process optimization. We can provide customers with more affordable price, and further contribute to the business development of our company.


Human Resource Development and Utilization

We must lead our company with a sense of responsibility to further sublimate the capabilities of talented people with passion and dreams, and to use such human resources ideally while respecting individual characteristics of members to maintain a sustainable and stable life.


Contribution to Society

We have an obligation to contribute to the local community and the whoel country by preserving the environment and continuously developing our company system.

5C Management

management policy

Self-development capability for agricultural loT solutions

  • Wireless N/W construction
    • Smart Farm Central System Monitoring development participation
    • Developed RF-based monitoring and automatic control of water supply pumps for remote water supply tanks in local governments
    • Success in LoRa network 1:1 configuration field test (16km)
  • Retention of development
    • Daegu/Gumi area developer network
      • Industrial and IoT field
      • Software and hardware developers (20 people) cooperative operation
  • Information and communication network management
    • Daegu, Gyeongbuk Smart Farm Electric Facility Integrated Control R&D
      • Monitoring and remote control
      • Electric energy saving